Best Bicycle Repair in Charlotte

What's wrong with my bike? How much will it cost? Do you have the parts I need? When can I pick up my bike?

We know what's going through your mind when your bike needs service. That's why we've made the service process simple and easy for you. We'll take a look at your bike, answer your questions and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Our Exclusive BikeSource Service System Makes the Difference!

When you visit the BikeSource Service Center, we start the process by entering your information into the service system. This sophisticated system helps us do estimates, schedule appointments, check our parts inventory and track the progress of your bike. We even chart the service and maintenance history of your bike. You get a FREE written estimate and specific details about your repair before we begin. Plus we’ll notify you by phone or email when your bike is ready to be picked up. No hassles. And no surprises. We work on all makes and models – everything from kids bikes to high-performance custom bikes and with our ginormous online availability catalog you can see if we have the item in stock or in our warehouse.

The BikeSource Service Center. Built for Success!

When we designed the BikeSource Service Centers we had a few goals in mind:

      • Employ the best service techs in the business.
      • Provide ongoing training and certification. (Our service staff receive ongoing training from all of the major manufacturers.)
      • Create a comfortable workspace with the best equipment and plenty of service benches.
      • Stock a huge assortment of parts. (We typically have every part we need to fix your bike in stock. In the rare case we don't, we will get it ordered within one business day.)
      • Use technology to help service techs provide quality service in the most efficient, affordable manner.

Once you bring your bike to the BikeSource Service Center, you'll never want to take it anywhere else. To schedule an appointment or ask a question, contact the BikeSource nearest you.

NOTE: It is always a good idea to keep your bike free of dirt and dust to increase the life of your parts. Never powerwash your bike. It can push dirt further in to those areas that are tough to get to. The same items you would use to wash your car in the driveway is all you need. Be carefull not to spray to long in areas where bearings are located such as headset, hubs, bottom brackets and suspension pivot points. A clean bike is easier for us to work on and allows us to focus on the issues rather than the appearance.

Menu of Bicycle Services

Not all Tune-ups are created equal. Others may offer a Tune-up for less but may not cover all the important areas that we cover.

FREE 10-Point Safety Check
• Proper torque setting on stem, handelbar and crank bolts
• Proper torque setting on brake and shift lever bolts
• Proper torque setting on seat and seatpost hardware

• Check Quick Release Skewers for proper use

• Ensure all cables aren't freyed and have cable end covers, lube chain and air up tires

Complete Tune-up $74.99

• Frame cleaned and wiped down
• Brakes and derailleurs adjusted
• Wheels trued and cleaned
• All bearings adjusted (headset, bottom bracket, etc)
• 10 point safety check (all fasteners tightened, chain lubed, tires inflated, etc)

Annual Tune-up $119.99

• Complete removal of drivetrain, thoroughly degreased and reinstalled
• Frame cleaned and wiped down
• Brake and derailleurs adjusted
• Wheels trued and cleaned
• All bearings adjusted (headset, bottom bracket and hubs)
• 10 point safety check (all fasteners tightened, chain lubed, tires inflated, etc)

Wheel True (Straightening) $15

• Inspect the rim for any dents or cracks
• straighten the wheel side to side
• Check the true roundness

• Ensure the rim is properly centered (Known as Dishing)

• Ensure spokes are properly tensioned

Hydraulic Brake Bleeds $30 Each

• Inspect all connector points for leaks
• Remove and inspect brake pads for unnecessary material and wear
• Clean dirt and dust from brake calipers
• Remove any air and contaminated oil from brake lines

Brake/Shifter Cable Replacement

(Prices Vary)

• Eliminates freyed cables
• Eliminates cracked housing
• New housing caps
• Improve shifter and braking feel