Whether you’re commuting, trail riding, or just enjoying life on two wheels, Raleigh electric bicycles offer the boost you need to go further and enjoy even more of your day. Raleigh e-Bikes continue the company’s legacy of great bicycle construction and design with the best of new technology, to take you to new heights and new adventures!

Raleigh Superbe iE Raleigh Step-Thru Superbe iE
Superb iE Step-Thru Superbe iE Step-Thru Sprite iE

Raleigh Retroglide iE Raleigh Step-Thru Retroglide iE Raleigh Detour iE
Retroglide iE Step-Thru Retroglide iE Detour iE

Raleigh Women's Detour iE Raleigh TriStar iE Raleigh Misceo iE Sport
Step-Thru Detour iE TriStar iE Misceo iE Sport

Raleigh Route iE Raleigh Electric Bike Sale
Redux iE Route iE Clearance


Demo bikes available

Contact the BikeSource nearest you to make arrangements to borrow one of our many electric demo models and see what they are all about for yourself. Whether you want to save some gas and ride to and from work or get back out on those trails you once tackled, e-Bikes are sure to put a smile on your face.