Whether you learned to ride a bike as a kid or are teaching your kids for the first time, you know how easy it is to find joy in riding a bike. Besides being a healthy, low-impact exercise, it’s one of the most fun ways to stay active. Whether scooting around your neighborhood, cruising local bike paths, participating in a cycling event or rolling down trails, fun will always keep you coming back for more! At BikeSource, you can start riding a bike on any budget and don’t have to worry about anything but the pure delight of going for a ride. Bike riding easily becomes your lifelong pleasure and escape.

Here you’ll find all the accessories and clothing you need to support your preferred type of cycling, and recommended local paths and trails. Check out a few rules of riding etiquette, review the FAQs or come into the store for tips on basic maintenance to ensure you feel safe and supported every time you go for a bike ride. Here you’ll also find local events along with training guides on how to best prepare for them. If you still have more questions before climbing onto the saddle, check out our FAQs or come into the store anytime.

Choose the bike-riding experience or style you want.

What type of riding appeals to you the most?


Speed, efficiency and miles of road to ride: these are just a few of the reasons road cyclists are passionate about riding a road bike. Whether you seek greater fitness from your bike or are training to participate in longer organized rides or races, the road bike is designed for paved performance. With a lighter frame, smooth skinny tires and curvy drop handlebars, road bikes offer you the option of smooth cruising or taking a more aggressive, aerodynamic position. Browse the full BikeSource road bike inventory here, and when you come into the store, we’ll help you choose the right bike size and style for you.


If you crave the combination of off-road beauty and the option of handling challenging terrain, mountain biking is for you. Designed for a variety of surfaces and diverse conditions, these stout, heavy-duty-but-lightweight frames roll on knobby, wider tires for ultimate traction. Mountain bikes have a built-in suspension designed to absorb bumps and provide performance and safety. Whether single-track and rocky or wide and graveled, you’re drawn to off-road trails to explore the nature beyond

Bikes for everything else can be explored here, designed to accomplish whatever you need.