iZip creates fun, efficient, and eco-friendly electric bicycles for everyone. Offering a variety of pedal-assit bikes for commuters, leisure, utility, and mountain trail riding. Choose from different price points, riding performance, colors and sizes! Stop in to demo the perfect e-bike for you!

iZip Vibe Plus iZip Step-Thru Vibe Plus iZip Zuma
Vibe Plus Step-Thru Vibe Plus Zuma

iZip Step-Thru Zuma iZip Path Plus iZip Step-Thru Path Plus
Step-Thru Zuma Path Plus Step-Thru Path Plus

iZip Dash iZip E3 Go iZip Peak Plus
Dash E3 GO Peak Plus

iZip Sumo iZip ProTour iZip Peak DS
Sumo ProTour Peak DS


Demo bikes available

Contact the BikeSource nearest you to make arrangements to borrow one of our many electric demo models and see what they are all about for yourself. Whether you want to save some gas and ride to and from work or get back out on those trails you once tackled, e-Bikes are sure to put a smile on your face.