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Bicycle Suspension Service

Protect Your Investment

Why choose BikeSource Advanced Service Center for suspension work? While other shops have to send suspension components out to the manufacturer for repairs, our in-house factory-trained technicians perform most suspension work right here at the Advanced Service Center. That means we can get your bike serviced and get you back on the trails in days rather than weeks.

Free, No Obligation Estimates

Stop in today for a free suspension inspection at our store in the Carriage Place Shopping Center.

Much Like an Oil Change in Your Car.....

Your suspension components also have a recommended maintenance schedule. Each manufacturer’s recommended schedule is different, and we can help you determine the right one during your free inspection. And when you do need service, our factory-trained technicians perform all suspension work in-house, unlike other shops who have to send it to the manufacturer. We’ll have you back on the dirt in days, rather than weeks.

What's Inside?

Your suspension's internals are where some hidden issues can be lurking. Our full service approach will identify any problems that may prevent your suspension from performing at its best, keeping you and your bike in touch with the terrain as originally intended.

Not All Work Being Offered is Equal

Full Overhauls........We don't just do oil changes or seal replacements, we do full rebuilds so we can examine every part and make sure there is nothing preventing your suspension from working at its best.

Performing at its best

Throughout this page, performing at its best is used several times to draw attention to ultimately what you want out of your bike, for it to work as well as it did when you first bought it. That goes the same for the rest of your bike's components. An annual service will keep your bike shifting and braking like it should for many years to come. Bring your bike in today and let us handle are your service needs.

From annual inspections to full-service work, BikeSource keeps your ride performing at its best for years to come.