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Bicycle Fitting

Gain Comfort & Efficiency

Did you know that with a proper bike fit, you can ride more comfortably, you can ride longer, and you can even ride faster? BikeSource is proud to have multiple certified Retül fit studios. Retül provides the most accurate and comprehensive bike fit data available. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a seasoned racer, or a daily commuter, you will notice an immediate improvement in your comfort and performance.

Comfort is the single most important factor in enjoying your ride. Too often, cyclists associate pain with cycling. It’s okay to suffer to the top of the climb, but you should not suffer with knee, hand, shoulder, or back pain. Pain in your joints, back or contact points is a good sign that something is not quite right with your bike fit. By utilizing Retül technology to analyze your position on the bike, not only can we work towards eliminating your pain, but we can make you faster and help you ride longer in the process.

Our Fit Options

Our Fit Options

At BikeSource, we offer two fit packages to meet your needs. Our Foundation Fit is designed to help new cyclists ride comfortably on any bike. This fit looks at your general flexibility and stability and achieves a good position on the bike with static measures. Our Retül Fit is a dynamic process for those riders seeking the ultimate fit experience. This state-of-the-art motion capture equipment tracks your movements and allows the fitter to diagnose issues in real time. The Retül Fit is for the rider who may be suffering from pain, has a significant medical history, looking to maximize performance, or has been unable to find a comfortable position previously.

Foundation Fit


This fit includes:


Sit Bone Measurement

Foot Rotation

Standing Toe Touch, Arch Height

Neck Flexion

Saddle Selection

Cleat Placement

Leg Extension

Saddle Fore/Aft

Handlebar Position

Arch Support


Excludes TT and Triathlon Bikes

Retül Fit


This fit includes the Foundation Fit plus:

Hamstring Flexibility

Leg Length Symmetry

Thomas Test

1/3 Knee Bend

Retül Initial Capture Seated

Retül Dynamic Leg Extension

Handlebar Position Video

Retül Arch Support

Retül Fore Foot Varus Support

Retül Stance Width

More About Retül

The Retül fit process balances comfort and performance, focusing on identifying your optimal position: one that your body can support and that you can sustain. We know that every rider is different, and our system is designed specifically to accommodate your unique needs.

Every Retül bike fit starts with an in depth rider profile to identify these needs. By understanding your cycling history, we are able to address any injuries and your cycling-related goals for the near future. Then, using our Retül Müve SL Dynamic Fit Bike, we’re able to compose an ideal fit position quickly and accurately before ultimately transposing the measurements to your bike. If you’re in the market for a new bike, we are also able to use your current/previous fit geometry to identify the perfect bike for you. With Retül, we can help you become one with your bike.