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The BikeSource Advantage

Sharing the Joy of Riding With You

Nothing makes us happier than helping you get on the right bike and watching your own happiness unfold.

The BikeSource Advantage means that we believe in you and what you’re capable of. Whether you ride a bike for a two-hour escape or a ten-minute neighborhood jaunt, we’re with you. We want to see more people like you enjoy life from the seat of a bicycle!

For riders of every ability, BikeSource provides exactly what you need for the ride of your life. We have an incredible selection of bikes, clothing, and accessories for all ages. The BikeSource Advantage even includes test riding (try-before-you-buy) to help you get the most out of every bike ride.

BikeSource Understands That One Size Does Not Fit All

To ensure an awesome experience every time you ride, the BikeSource Advantage is the expertise we have to choose the right size bike that best suits you for comfort, performance, efficiency, and safety. We understand that nothing matters more than how you and your bike get along. You need both a great physical and emotional fit, and with our careful size assessment, you can’t go wrong.

We’ll Maintain The Ride Of Your Life

Your new bike comes fully assembled, personalized with all the optional parts, bells and whistles you choose. PLUS, you get a free 30-day maintenance check-up, and a lifetime of free adjustments.

We’re All About Having Fun (On A Bike)

BikeSource supports fun activities of all kinds. For the past 30 years, we’ve focused solely on bike-riding and how to make your ride better. The BikeSource Advantage is that we carry only top brands you recognize and trust, at prices for any budget. From first bikes to dream bikes…and everything in between, BikeSource carries the best names in bicycles.

Choose the Riding Experience You Want

We’re Here For You

Every day in our stores and online we love introducing people like you to the fun of riding a bike, and part of the BikeSource Advantage is that you will immediately feel welcome in our local bike community. You will find us supporting cycling events, children’s bike safety, and area trail building.

We are so passionate about bike riding that it might seem that the people who work here eat bicycling for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but we really are a mix of all types of bike-riding skills and styles. Our team listens to what you need, and in response, we want to share our knowledge, suggest local routes and rides, and help you up the skill ladder with the right advice.

We Are Now Your Source For Electric Bikes