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With 100+ Santa Cruz bikes in stock in our Denver stores, you are sure to find the right bike for you and to further help you with this super important decision we have a fleet of demo bikes available for you to Try It Before You By It. Just click here to reserve the bike(s) you want to try and we'll put up to $500 of your demo fee towards the purchase of your dream Santa Cruz.

Carbon, carbon....

Same fun the aluminum Chameleon offered, but made it lighter, faster, more advanced with the carbon version.

carbon, carbon....

Make it the way you want it. 29er or 27+, gears or single speed. With swappable dropouts you can race one weekend and bike pack the next.


What would a Chameleon be without color matching? Checkout the blue Hope hubs to match the other blue accents throughout the bike.


Here's an inside look at a "typical" day at the headquarters in California and what it takes to get these Santa Cruz built up and to our stores. Racks of suspension forks, hand built wheels, lots of checkered floors. Looks like a fin bunch to work with.


This bike offers the most fun you can have on two wheels. Just ask Danny MacAskill. There is nowhere he won't go on a 5010. With 130mm travel you can shred any trail and the bike will love what you throw at it.

Starting at $2,699.99. This is one bike that packs a punch for a great price. 


Santa Cruz's most notorious thriller, the Bronson, is ready for action no matter what role it's cast into. The Bronson has the biggest personality in our range. From flat out on the trail to fully flat over a table, each new generation redefines expectations of what a 150mm bike can do.


Blending 110mm of rear travel with 120mm up front and fast-rolling 29er wheels makes this one playful bike.

STARTING AT $2,699.99 

Available in Aluminum, Carbon C and Carbon CC and several different component builds.