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Electric Bikes 101

Everything You Need to Know

It’s you only better! Electric bikes use pedal-assist technology. The motor kicks in as you pedal to allow you to go faster. This makes you more efficient with less fatigue. Many electric bikes offer the ability to adjust how much assistance you would like to use at the current moment. Choose if you want to last longer, cover more distance, and see more of the things around you; or reduce the assistance for a workout.

Cycling Amplified

How far can you go on a fully charged battery pack? You can go up to 40 miles on one charge with estimated charging times of about 4 hours on most models. The range is affected by motor wattage and efficiency, terrain, rider weight, carrying weight, wind, temperature, assist level and amount of human power input. 

  • Amp hours (Ah) is the measure of how many Amps the battery pack can deliver per hour or the capacity of your battery pack. The more Amp hours, the further you will go. 
  • Voltage (V) is the measure of the potential power of the battery pack, or how much torque the battery has and also provides a quicker start from a stop. The higher the voltage, the more power it can provide to the drive system. 
  • Watt-Hours (Wh) is capacity or total stored energy in a battery pack – like a gas tank this is how far you can go. This is calculated by multiplying the pack’s Amp Hours by the Voltage (Ah x V = Wh), the bigger the Wh the bigger the gas tank. The more assist, the more Wh (gas) you use which affects the total range you can get out of one charge.

Have no fear, should you run out of battery, you can still pedal without the assist!

E-Bikes Have Class

There are three classes of Electric Bikes. Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3. Aside from the assist motor, the rest of the bike is just like a traditional bike. 

  • Class 1 are pedal-assist electric bikes that go up to 20 mph – plus faster speeds with human power. The pedal-assist uses sensors to read your pedal cadence and/or how much force you are applying to the pedals. These are great for bike paths, many public trails, and street riding. Shop Class 1 E-Bikes 
  • Class 2 are throttled electric bikes, similar to a scooter or motorcycle, that go up to 20 mph. Even though they don't go as fast as Class 3 because of their throttle legislation may consider them a motorized vehicle in the future. Because of these unclear laws BikeSource only carries pedal-assist. 
  • Class 3 are pedal-assist electric bikes that go up to 28 mph – plus faster speeds with human power. Because of their speed, they are only street legal. They are a great source of transportation for commuting to work or to do local errands! Shop Class 3 E-Bikes 
Ready to get an electric bike?

Ready to Get an Electric Bike?

Bring in your old bike and we’ll give you money on the spot to put towards your electric bike purchase today. Just like trading in a car.

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