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Where To Ride In Denver

Explore Your Neighborhood

The best places to ride are right in your backyard. Below are links to some great places to ride locally. Stop in and talk to our staff if you have any questions or want to know about some great locals-only riding. Don’t forget to get the cycling gear and cycling apparel you’ll need to enjoy your ride.

Local Bike Paths

Metro Denver Trails

Highlands Ranch Trails

Local Mountain Bike Trails

Buffalo Creek Trails

Douglas County Trails

Jefferson County Trails

Bike Transportation

Proper bike transport is often the key to avoiding wear and tear on your bike. Depending on your vehicle, there are a number of transportation options. The three most common bike racks are hitch, roof, and trunk racks.

Hitch racks are a great fit for most modern SUVs, which come with or can easily add a hitch. Hitch racks easily transport bikes since they don’t require removing the front wheel or heavy lifting of the bikes. Hitch racks are a good option when transporting more than two bikes as they can accommodate a greater quantity. Some hitch racks feature a mounting tray to keep bikes from scratching one another, while others have a swing away feature to avoid scratching the vehicle itself.

Roof racks are a great fit for sedans. Some cars have existing roof racks, while others will require mounting feet and clips – remember to factor in the cost of these additional needs when budgeting for a roof rack. Roof racks either fork mount, which means the front wheel of the bike must be removed, or attach to the frame, which doesn’t require wheel removal. Basic roof racks can hold two to four bikes.

A trunk rack is the most cost-effective transportation option. A trunk rack is capable of carrying two to three bikes. Your trunk, hatchback, or bumper will support the easily removable rack. It is important to use care when loading the rack and bikes to avoid damaging your vehicle or bikes. Also, when using a trunk rack make sure to not leave bikes on the rack in an insecure location as trunk racks provide little to no security.