Terry Fly Carbon Saddle

Terry Fly Carbon Saddle
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Terry's revolutionary saddle for men, in a carbon-railed, premium package. Ridden and universally loved around the world, the Fly is the kind of saddle you just don’t think about. You'll see them on every kind of bike, ridden by everyone from pro riders to Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. RAAM riders and Randonneurs swear by them. Magazine editors have all hailed them as the most comfortable saddles for men. And if you’re reading this, chances are you’re no stranger to the Fly, either. Lightest of all of the Fly saddles thanks to beautiful carbon rails.

- Flat across the top with multi-density injection-molded foam that’s a bit stiffer in the rear for more power while pedaling
- Completely cut away through the nose and mid-section, making it flexible and comfortable against soft tissues
- Rails: carbon 10 mm H (+/- 0.5 mm) x 7 mm W (+/- 0.5 mm) (Check seatpost for compatibility. May require adapter kit available from some seatpost manufacturers)
- Length x width: 277mm x 140mm
- Weight: 201 g / 7.1 oz.