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Training For Events

Getting Ready To Race

5 Months Before Event

Five months out from an event is an excellent time to start training by developing a cardio base. Cardio based workouts are very good forms of cross-training (CT) for an aerobic event. Athletes of all levels use cross-training to develop and maintain appropriate fitness levels. Complete cross-training (CT) for 30-minutes a day, three days a week by walking, jogging, or swimming.

4 Months Before Event

Four months out from an event is a good time to start building a cardio base from your cross-training (CT). For 30-minutes a day, four days a week complete cross-training (CT) by walking, jogging, swimming, or strength training.

3 Months Before Event

It is key to maintain your cardio base three months out from an event. Continue your cross-training (CT) four days a week and increase your workouts to 30-45 minutes per day. Now is the time to start adding a few days of riding into you cross-training (CT) in order to get more comfortable with your bike.